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Bringing Yourself Into New Levels Of Success, Wealth, And Prosperity With Adam Carswell

  What is the road you’re taking right now? Are you headed in the right direction? In this episode, Adam Carswell shares valuable insights on attaining success, wealth, and prosperity. Adam has been in different industries throughout his career. He... Read More

Finding The Right Passive Income For You Through Real Estate Investments With Bernard Pierson

  We all want a passive income we can rely on. Bernard Pierson believes that investing in real estate will do just that. Listen as he shares his over 10 years of international experience. He started his real estate business... Read More

The Benefits Of Finding Alternative Sources Of Income With Harry Nima Zegarra

  Having a profession doesn’t mean you can’t go into real estate at the same time. Just like our guest in today’s episode, Harry Nima Zeggara of Nima Equity LLC, a physician who is also into real estate business. He... Read More

Creating A Lifestyle That You Want With Jon Huber

  How do you create a lifestyle that you want? Dale Corpus introduces Jon Huber, who manages a 140-plus unit real estate portfolio. Jon talks about how you need to figure out the life you want and work backward. Find... Read More

From Corporate Executive To Real Estate Mogul: Success In Multifamily Syndications With Nick DiLeone

  Today’s guest quit his W2 job right before the pandemic to start a multifamily syndication business. Nick DiLeone is a Managing Partner at Leone Real Estate Partners. Now, his multifamily-focused firm ends 2021 with six GP deals closed bringing... Read More

Trends In Triple Net Lease And The Future Of Blockchain Real Estate With Michael Flight

  Get ready to learn more about the next big thing in real estate. In this episode, Michael Flight joins Dale Corpus to school us on triple net lease investing and blockchain real estate. Michael is the CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund... Read More

An Inside Look On The Industrial Sector Of Commercial Real Estate With Neil Wahlgren

  The industrial sector of commercial real estate is an underappreciated asset class. But, according to Neil Wahlgren, it is one with great, and even perhaps guaranteed, returns. In this episode, Neil chats with host Dale Corpus to discuss the basics... Read More

Structuring Deals In Commercial Syndication With Ryan Stenberg

  Commercial syndication has its pros over multifamily. Listen to the co-founder of West Egg Real Estate, Ryan Stenberg, a 25-year-old commercial real estate syndicator who’s living in Los Angeles and operating across the country. After several years of slow... Read More

All You Need To Know About Triple Net Lease Investments With Dan Lewkowicz

  Want to diversify your portfolio with a completely passive income stream? Join Dale Corpus as he sits down with Dan Lewkowicz to discuss triple net lease investments NNN. Dan is the Senior Director of The Lewkowicz Group at Encore Real Estate... Read More