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The Path To Financial Freedom Through Real Estate With Bobby Sharma

  Many say that real estate is the path towards financial freedom and security. Real estate is the great equalizer that lets people take control of their lives and finances. In this episode, Dale Corpus is joined by the CEO... Read More

House Hacking As A Way To Generate Cash Flow With Diego Corzo

  House hacking means buying a multi-unit property, living in one unit, and renting out the others. This is something Diego Corzo has been doing in order to generate cash flow. Learn how Diego became a REALTOR so that he... Read More

House Hacking Your Way To Financial Independence With Craig Curelop

Real estate investing is the way towards financial freedom, and for some, house hacking is a step on that path. In this episode, learn the basics as you take your first steps towards real estate investing. Dale Corpus talks house... Read More