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The Benefits Of Finding Alternative Sources Of Income With Harry Nima Zegarra

  Having a profession doesn’t mean you can’t go into real estate at the same time. Just like our guest in today’s episode, Harry Nima Zeggara of Nima Equity LLC, a physician who is also into real estate business. He... Read More

Creating A Lifestyle That You Want With Jon Huber

  How do you create a lifestyle that you want? Dale Corpus introduces Jon Huber, who manages a 140-plus unit real estate portfolio. Jon talks about how you need to figure out the life you want and work backward. Find... Read More

All You Need To Know About Triple Net Lease Investments With Dan Lewkowicz

  Want to diversify your portfolio with a completely passive income stream? Join Dale Corpus as he sits down with Dan Lewkowicz to discuss triple net lease investments NNN. Dan is the Senior Director of The Lewkowicz Group at Encore Real Estate... Read More

Eng Taing: Fueling Your Drive For Success

  Your drive for success should be rooted in a question of “why”? What is your why for everything that you do in your life? Why do you work so hard at your job? Each of us has different stories... Read More

Generating Cash Flow For Passive Income With David Campbell

  If you want to generate that passive income cash flow, you need to invest. Investing in real estate can be your first step to passive income. It can be a scary thing to do though, with debt, inflation, and... Read More

House Hacking As A Way To Generate Cash Flow With Diego Corzo

  House hacking means buying a multi-unit property, living in one unit, and renting out the others. This is something Diego Corzo has been doing in order to generate cash flow. Learn how Diego became a REALTOR so that he... Read More

Passive Income Through Note Investing With Ben Fraser

  What if you can be like a bank and make a passive income stream off someone else’s mortgage payments month after month? You can do so by investing in notes. Dale Corpus’s guest today is Ben Fraser, the Vice... Read More