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How To Scale Your Real Estate Business And Achieve Explosive Growth With Abbas Mohammed

  Want to know the secret to achieve explosive growth for your business? While the world shut down, today’s guest managed to scale his real estate business and went on to triple his income year after year. Here to share... Read More

From Corporate Executive To Real Estate Mogul: Success In Multifamily Syndications With Nick DiLeone

  Today’s guest quit his W2 job right before the pandemic to start a multifamily syndication business. Nick DiLeone is a Managing Partner at Leone Real Estate Partners. Now, his multifamily-focused firm ends 2021 with six GP deals closed bringing... Read More

Structuring Deals In Commercial Syndication With Ryan Stenberg

  Commercial syndication has its pros over multifamily. Listen to the co-founder of West Egg Real Estate, Ryan Stenberg, a 25-year-old commercial real estate syndicator who’s living in Los Angeles and operating across the country. After several years of slow... Read More

All You Need To Know About Triple Net Lease Investments With Dan Lewkowicz

  Want to diversify your portfolio with a completely passive income stream? Join Dale Corpus as he sits down with Dan Lewkowicz to discuss triple net lease investments NNN. Dan is the Senior Director of The Lewkowicz Group at Encore Real Estate... Read More

Eng Taing: Fueling Your Drive For Success

  Your drive for success should be rooted in a question of “why”? What is your why for everything that you do in your life? Why do you work so hard at your job? Each of us has different stories... Read More

The Path To Financial Freedom Through Real Estate With Bobby Sharma

  Many say that real estate is the path towards financial freedom and security. Real estate is the great equalizer that lets people take control of their lives and finances. In this episode, Dale Corpus is joined by the CEO... Read More

Creating Wealth And Cashflow Through Real Estate With Jake Harris

  Real estate isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Creating cashflow through real estate requires work, mindset and education. In this episode, Dale Corpus discusses building wealth with real estate investor and author Jake Harris. Jake shares how he got... Read More

How A Community Management Entity Gives You More Freedom With Steven Bond

  You don’t have to be the person showing every home. With a community management entity, you’re passing the baton to others on handling designated portfolios. While keeping the cash flowing! Dale Corpus presents Steven Bond, your advocate in Utah... Read More

Emanuele Pani On Short-Term Rentals: Entering The Hospitality Industry With Real Estate

  Short-term rentals are some of the hottest niches in real estate right now. But what exactly goes into investing in STR? Emanuele Pani of Pani Properties is a short-term rental guru and co-host of the Short Term Rental Secrets... Read More