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Why Commercial Real Estate Syndication Is A Smart Way To Invest With Ben Kogut

  Commercial real estate syndication is hotter than ever before. Want to know how can you fractionally own a shopping mall? In this episode, host Dale Corpus is joined by Ben Kogut Partner at HHJ Investments and Managing Partner at Kogut Commercial Real... Read More

House Hacking Your Way To Financial Independence With Craig Curelop

Real estate investing is the way towards financial freedom, and for some, house hacking is a step on that path. In this episode, learn the basics as you take your first steps towards real estate investing. Dale Corpus talks house... Read More

What You Need To Know About Out-Of-State Investing With Sean Pan

  Interested in real estate investing, but property rates in your area are too high? Out-of-state investment is the key! Sean Pan is a hard money lender at Conventus Holdings Corp., a real estate investor with EverythingREI, and host of The Everything Real Estate Investing... Read More

Generating Passive Income Through Note Investing In The First Position With Chris Seveney

  In this show, you will be introduced to a lot of options where you can put your money in and start generating passive income. Note investing is one of those options and contrary to what many believe, it’s not... Read More